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BREAKING: Health care bill pulled at Trump's request

P.S. Через пять минут футбол начинается.
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Хорошая статья, по-моему. Написана еще до того, как голосование по repeal and replace Obamacare было окончательно отменено.

How Paul Ryan played Donald Trump

Краткое содержание статьи, на мой взгляд, такое -- "На дурака не нужен нож, Ему с три короба наврёшь - И делай с ним, что хошь!"

Вернее, в случае Трампа, даже врать особой необходимости нет, так как он в детали вникать, все равно, не хочет.

Процитирую немного.
Donald Trump promised to be a different kind of president. He was a populist fighting on behalf of the “forgotten man,” taking on the GOP establishment, draining the Washington swamp, protecting Medicaid from cuts, vowing to cover everyone with health care and make the government pay for it. He was a pragmatic businessman who was going to make Washington work for you, the little guy, not the ideologues and special interests.

Instead, Trump has become a pitchman for Paul Ryan and his agenda. He’s spent the past week fighting for a health care bill he didn’t campaign on, didn’t draft, doesn’t understand, doesn’t like to talk about, and can’t defend. Rather than forcing the Republican establishment to come around to his principles, he’s come around to theirs — with disastrous results. [...]

In a sense, this Matt Drudge tweet says it all: How did Ryan persuade Trump to adopt his bill? The truth is, it doesn’t appear to have been very hard. [...]

This is the problem with not knowing or caring much about the details of policy — it’s easy to get spun by people who do know and care, and it’s easy to get trapped in processes that people are building for their benefit rather than yours. And that seems to be what happened to Trump. For instance, the New York Times reports that Trump barely paid attention when he agreed to put health reform first:
He approved the agenda putting health care first late last year, almost in passing, in meetings with Mr. Ryan, Vice President Mike Pence and Reince Priebus, the White House chief of staff.
[...] It’s an interesting question why the plan Ryan concocted is such a shoddy piece of work, and why Ryan didn’t spend more time building stakeholder support or mapping out a sensible process. But it’s not particularly surprising that once Ryan had a plan, Trump was persuaded to sign off on it — the people to whom he’s outsourced these decisions share Ryan’s instincts and ideology, not Trump’s, and Trump isn’t knowledgeable enough or interested enough to question their judgments.


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