Mar. 8th, 2017

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Хорошая статья, по-моему, -- "Republicans are now paying the price for a years-long campaign of Obamacare lies".

Главная мысль статьи -- то, чего хотят республиканцы, то, в чем состоит их главная проблема с Obamacare, -- это вполне себе позиция, которую можно аргументировать и защищать.
Republican leaders and conservative intellectuals, for the most part, didn’t really believe nonsense about death panels or that Obama was personally responsible for high-deductible insurance plans. What they fundamentally did not like is that the basic framework of the law is to redistribute money by taxing high-income families and giving insurance subsidies to needy ones. The details matter enormously to everyday people, but the broad principle is enough to make conservatives reject it.
Понятно, что очень многие не согласятся, но это интеллектуально честная позиция, которую можно отстаивать.

Но республиканцы вели свою предвыборную агитацию совсем с других позиций. И если опытные политики из "истеблишмента", главным образом, только намекали, что заменят Obamacare чем-то лучшим, то Трамп прямо обещал, что никто не уйдет обиженным -- будет дешевле и лучше.

И вот теперь привет:
The jig is up

In the months since Election Day, it has become increasingly apparent that a reasonably large number of Republican Party legislators either didn’t understand that the campaign against Obamacare was based on lies or else had never really considered the implications of that reality.

Either way, the problem with passing a law that is going to make people’s health coverage worse while promising that it will get better is pretty obvious: People will notice when they lose insurance or when their deductible skyrockets. [...]

Which is why, over time, GOP replacement plans keep evolving to look more and more like the status quo. The less the replacement actually changes things, the less obvious it is that Republicans have broken their promises to deliver better coverage for the American people. But even the current watered-down version of repeal still has analysis anticipating that millions of people will lose coverage, while the value of the coverage for those who remain is reduced. That leaves the GOP caught between ideological stalwarts who are alarmed by how much of the Obamacare framework the plan leaves in place and nervous pragmatists who are worried about how much suffering it inflicts.

Conflicts between purists and pragmatists are nothing new in the legislative space. But the profound dishonesty underlying the repeal campaign makes this something special. It’s not a question of half a loaf versus holding out for the whole thing. It’s a question of whether Republicans should try to deliver on their ideas or try to deliver on their promises, in a world where their ideas are antithetical to what they’ve promised. And there’s no way out.


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