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Очевидный совершенно ответ на сегодняшних слушаниях в Сенате дал некто Clint Watts. Посмотрите этот короткий ролик.

I think this answer is very simple and it is what no one is really saying in this room, which is: part of the reason active measures have worked in this US election is because the commander-in-chief has used Russian active measures at times against his opponents. [...]

So part of the reason active measures works, and it does today in terms of Trump Towers being wiretapped, is because they parrot the same lines. So Putin is correct. He can say that he is not influencing anything, because, he is just putting out a stance. [...]

I can tell you right now, today, grey outlets, that are Soviet pushing accounts, tweet at president Trump during high volumes when they know he is online... and they push conspiracy theories. So if he is to click on one of those, or cite one of those, it just proves Putin correct.
И этой части нет в этом ролике, цитирую отсюда:
I’m going to walk out of here today, I’m going to be cyberattacked, I’m going to be discredited by trolls. My biggest fear isn’t being on Putin’s hit list or psychological warfare targeting me — I’ve been doing that for two years.

My biggest concern right now is I don’t know what the American stance is on Russia
, on who is going to take care of me. After years in the Army and the FBI, working in the intel community — today, I’m going to walk out of here and ain’t nobody going to be covering my back. I’m going to be on my own, and so that’s very disconcerting.
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